Bank Statement Explained

Bank Statement for Spanish visa application must:

  • Be original postal bank statement
  • Be for current accounts only -savings accounts,credit card statements and not accepted
  • Show applicant´s full name and address
  • Show transactions for the last three months and salary being paid in
  • The last statement must be less than 4 weeks old
  • Show positive balance sufficient to cover your trip: minimum of £400(for all trips up to 9 days) plus and additional £50 per day for each additional day above 9 days
  • If your last statement is older than 4 weeks you can provide a more recent internet printout but it must be stamped by the bank

If you do internet banking only and don‚t recieve paper statements you will need to request one from your bank.

An overdraft facility is not considered by the embassy as proof of funds, the required balance must be positive.