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Travel Requirements

  • Valid passport for three months upon exit

  • Two clear pages in passport

  • Completed and signed application form

  • Two recent passport photos
    (not previously used in a passport or visa)

  • UK residence visa, valid for a minimum of three months upon exit

  • UK employment or student letter (refer below)

  • Travel itinerary (refer below)

  • Proof of financial support (refer below)

  • Proof of accommodation (refer below)

  • Travel insurance (refer below)

  • Confirmed return travel ticket

  • Photocopies of all original documents

Supporting Information Part 1

  • All non-UK passport holders should have proof of UK residential status in their passport.

  • To apply as the spouse of an EU national, you must provide your marriage certificate and proof of your spouse's nationality in the form of a valid passport or photographic national ID card. If married outside the EU, marriage certificate must be translated and stamped by the relevant embassy.

  • UK employment letter should state the applicant's position within the company and note their starting date. It must be no more than four weeks old and printed on company letterhead paper.

  • Self-employed applicants must provide a letter (not more than four weeks old) from their solicitor, accountant, bank manager or local chamber of commerce, specifying professional activity, starting date and revenues, plus a VAT certificate, where appropriate.

  • Students require a letter (not more than four weeks old) from their British school, college or university, stating details of the course, type of study and attendance record.

  • Travel itinerary should cover the whole of your stay in France/Schengen area, stating the dates and place of stay.
  • As proof of financial support, applicants should provide their last three pay slips and last three bank statements (all originals), showing a minimum balance of £55 per person, per day of stay in the Schengen area.

  • Reservation confirmation from your hotel in France should cover the whole period of your stay and include full name, dates of check-in and out, plus the hotel address and contact details. check-in and out, plus the hotel address and contact details.

  • If staying with friends or relatives, you will need a Certificate of Board and Lodging (Attestation d'Accueil). The person you are visiting can obtain this from their local town hall. You must provide the original certificate, as well as a photocopy.

  • Travel insurance must cover the entire duration of your stay in the Schengen area, and include medical plus repatriation expenses (min. EURO 30,000).The original policy document and certificate of insurance must be provided, along with copies of all relevant pages.

  • A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not admissible.

  • Applicants in possession of one or more previous passports must present them at the time of application.

  • All documents must be provided in English or French. If the original document is in any other language, it must be provided along with certified translations into English or French.

  • Copies of ALL original documents must be supplied, as originals cannot be returned.