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We are a UK based company specialising in obtaining visas for UK residents and most other nationals who hold a valid UK residency visa (such as work permits, working holiday visas, spousal visas, student visas to name a few).

Our consultants are well travelled (over 30 countries visited) and have on numerous occasions had to personally apply for visas themselves. As a result we know what it is like to have to take time off work, line up at all hours and endure the process of applying for a visa.

The Personal Touch

We have a large team of Specialised visa couriers who have long established relationships with the various Consulates we deal with. Combine this with the experience of our Visa Consultants and you have a company that goes further than any other agency to secure your visa.

Any protocol/procedural/requirement changes advised to our consultants by embassy officials when they are at the embassies result in immediate changes at the office and this web site.

Schengen Office is proud of its reputation for providing a friendly, professional and efficient service.