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Visa Service

Don’t want the hassle or don’t have the time to queue up at an Embassy to acquire your visa or perhaps you live outside of London. Then let the Schengen Office help you.

The Schengen Office provides assistance with obtaining visas to over 30 popular destinations worldwide for British and other passport holders. Our visa service involves advising on correct requirements, checking documentation when submitted to our Office, lodging your application at the Embassy and collecting your passport when the visa is ready. The service fees for all of this is very reasonable (see price list).

Why use our visa service?

The most common reason people don’t end up with their visas (or are required to re-submit an application) is incorrect documentation. Our service includes the checking of documentation prior to submission of your passport and application at the embassy. If additional documents are required we contact you immediately.

Processing a visa personally involves time queuing at the relevant embassy and waiting to be seen. A majority of the visas are not processed on the same day so you are then required to collect your passport at a later date. As we lodge the application and collect the visa on your behalf you do not have to queue or deal directly with the Embassy.

A few embassies accept postal applications however generally there is no way of tracking how the application is proceeding and when you are likely to expect it back. If there is a problem with your forms or documentation this generally delays the procedure. Phoning an embassy for information / update on application can be a fruitless exercise. By utilizing our service you always have a point of contact and you always know where your application is.

Dates of travel are checked against the dates on the visa and any incorrect dates are notified to the embassy for correction.

The above mentioned are just a few of the reasons to utilize our service.


The Schengen Office is a registered Agent with several leading tour operators including Contiki, Topdeck, Budget Expeditions and Kumuka offering tours to Europe and other worldwide destinations. Book you tour through the Schengen Office and receive discounts on our service fees for processing your required visas. See our tour pages.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is now required by several embassies when applying for your visa, including Schengen countries. The insurance policies offered on the website through Schengen Office partners are accepted by the Embassies.
Click here for an online Travel Insurance quote .